All is Love

An Exploration of Syncretic Metaphysics

There are three kinds of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.
-Leonardo da Vinci

Consciousness is the next frontier of exploration. All art and philosophy are part of the effort to bring consciousness out into the world so that we can examine it better. To do so yields advances not just in science and society, but in the quality of the consciousness we pass on to our children. Despite our best efforts, consciousness remains a great mystery.

We all live in the same physical reality, but each of us is in a very different place mentally. The way you think about the world is even more important than where you stand in it, because thoughts are the building blocks that shape habits, actions, and outcomes. Do you know where your thoughts come from? Are your actions simply the product of your memories and sensations? Or do you have free will?

If you’re still reading then you must be curious about the nature of your mind. You sense in your bones that there exists something more to consciousness than neurons and electricity. The brain may be a quantum computer, connected to infinite realms of possibilities. Or maybe it’s a radio, tuned to a medium that transcends space and time. As evidence builds for the many worlds hypothesis, science comes closer to claiming what you’ve probably already sensed intuitively: we are one link in a chain of many different realities, connected together by the essence of thought. In order to explore and travel between them, we must find new ways to think about and talk about the realm of the mind.

And yet, part of us is already enlightened. Our deepest selves know the truths of life but our persona minds forget and don’t know what do with this knowledge. I’m here to help remind you of what you already know, and to help find some language to bridge the awareness between your enlightened self and your day-to-day self.

There are so many different paths to understanding that at times it can seem like there is no absolute reality to grasp on to, no light at the end of the tunnel. I’m here to remind you that you all rivers lead to the sea. All breath is part of the same wind. If you really think about it, there is really only one life, one mind, and one heart that we all share. We just forget the way to find it. We forget the way back to oneness.

I’m here to remind you that Love is the Way to One.

Let’s enjoy this journey together.

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