Accessing Infinity

Bouncing Between Known Assemblage Points

Hopefully by this point your energy will have shifted noticeably a few times. Hopefully you’ve gained an inkling of what its like for your assemblage point to move to different locations in the up/down matrix. The location of your point is about more than just how you feel, it’s a question of what matters are close to your heart, of what you desire, and what now weighs upon your mind. If we were to do the “Creating Space” exercise again, what darkness would you name? Do you now see anything in a different light? These questions aren’t meant to be banal, nor are they meant to be seriously answered. Instead, they’re meant to be sensed intuitively as a line of inquiry that, when followed, can help guide you back to the state of mind you’re now occupying.

You see, once you’ve identified a place that your assemblage point goes to, it becomes like a marker on your map. You’re able to get back to that easier and easier with practice. I’m sure you can think of a few states of mind that you’re able to instantly snap to. Well, states like grounded, blankness, open field, kettling, closed field, freezing, charging, and channeling are all points that you can find your way back to. And these states are only the local nodes. Farther out are states of consciousness so altered that reality dissolves into strange and unimaginable experiences. With practice, you may even be able to occupy multiple states at once, and bring information from one place into another. Your mind truly is infinite, and the only limit to your potential is your threshold of awareness.

Names and stories can really help shift gears. Reciting a mantra, singing a song, or invoking a name can all help bring you back to the place where you’ve worked with those symbols. They become like tools in your toolbox, only they grow sharper with use instead of more dull. Practice dwelling deeply within a point, but also practice bouncing quickly from place to place. Intelligence is the ability to find new points of assembly. Wisdom is the ability to recall them. Willpower is the strength to shift between them. Develop all three and you’ll be a powerful sourcerer.

Opening the Mind Field to the Realm of Infinite Concept

Up-aligned mind energies transcend space and time, linking people together and storing information in a field of energy that can be read for all time, if the right transaction conditions are present. In the higher reaches of the mind field, vibrations are more unified and thus have more access to each other, spanning time and space more easily to create a tighter mesh of thought-nodes. Creativity, intuition, and deep wisdom are available to anyone who will look within to find them. The difficulty lies in creating internal conditions that will resonate with the part of the field you seek and enable a transaction to take place.

Any method of entering flow state can access these higher vibrations, but in order to scan them we must increase the threshold of perception. The exercises we’ve done today are designed to help create space within our local mind fields in order to make what enters much more visible. To do this we reduce stimuli physically, but also mentally, by expanding our fields and shielding them from local noise. Like dimming the lights in the theater, this space creates contrast that makes it easier to see.

Detection alone is not enough to access infinite mind. Awareness is the fundamental action of mind, but it is choice that is the fundamental action of consciousness. Willpower is how we move the assemblage point in order to weave up and down together to create a unique enfoldment of reality. When we do not intend the form of our enfoldment, when we do not add willpower to our assemblage point, then it slides down to rest in reality of a lower energy state, whether that of the ambient culture or that of the enfoldment maintained by Nature. Each of these lower states are beautiful but limited in their own way. With the act of choosing, however, we can move the assemblage point up into the realm of infinite concept, transcending multiple realities in order to get closer to zero, or Oneness. Now, it’s true that Oneness can be accessed from the other direction, by going down, deep into a single reality, but the focus of this work is not upon such karma yoga, but the jnana yoga of accessing infinite mind.

As you practice making space and charging your aura, you will naturally begin to attract mind field transactions. Powerful energy will flow through you more and more. You may feel a surge of vitality, sexuality, creativity, inspiration, and spirituality, but it’s absolutely critical not to let these energies spiral out of control. Many who stimulate kundalini too quickly become trapped by power intoxication, becoming manic, losing sleep, and getting out of touch with their life. Health deteriorates until the mind is forced to shut down into an emergency repair mode. Cycles of too-much, too-little can lead to bipolar disorder, with mood swings that becoming worse and worse until the assemblage point has difficulty maintaining any position reliably. All drugs, including alcohol and sugar, will exacerbate these effects. Therefore it is critical to remain grounded and objective with your experiences. Grounded means connected to down, rooted in the life around you. Don’t take anything too personally, or the ego may run away from you. Coax those insights back into your physical memory, but don’t obsess over them. Instead, try to “ground” them into reality by making them real. Write about them. Create gifts to share with others. Focus on healing yourself and the environment. Doing these things will keep you connected to the full spectrum of consciousness and keep you from spiraling out of control. Without grounding, the spiritual experiences you have are forgotten and become lost (at least, until your assemblage point stumbles back into the appropraite vibratory range). To be in higher states of up without bringing the gifts you’re given down is a waste of time and energy. Honor the blessings you get and you’ll receive even more of them.