Assemblage Points

The Anchor in Multidimensional Space

Everyone has an assemblage point, a place where energy flows freely between the physical and energy bodies. Carlos Castaneda coined this term in his book The Power of Silence and described it as a heart-center that anchors a person within the spiritual dimensions. He claimed that everyone’s assemblage point traveled slightly, but “sorcerers” (source-rers) could move theirs at will.

The position of the assemblage point relative to the body is the dominant influence upon a person’s mental and spiritual experience. It’s like a point of view within the multiverse, varying from far-out to ungrounded to fully present to hyper-rational. It affects emotions, energy, and motivation. Learning to sense and move the assemblage point enables you to connect with or insulate yourself from other mind fields.

It’s difficult to accurately describe the assemblage point, or how to sense it, or how to move it. Most people must meditate and practice for many years before they begin to build concrete awareness of their center. Once you do begin to master the point, you can ride it to travel through the realms of mind and astral planes. Unfortunately, it’s something you have to learn to do for yourself. Simply having a concept can be useful, because the story will help you to recognize when you’re experiencing a shift in your assemblage point. Once you’ve experienced enough shifts, you can compare the viewpoints to gain a higher perspective.

If you ever feel a sudden shift in your energy accompanied by an emotional reaction (or sudden lack thereof), ask yourself if you can feel something that was once centered at a certain point, now centered somewhere else. Like all higher dimensional awareness, we can really only get a good image of a thing by witnessing its movement. So pay attention to your emotions and pay attention to the physical sensations of the energy in your body. Emotions are the bridge between the physical and mental, and sensations are the bridge between the mental and the mind field.

It’s easy for the assemblage point to get misaligned from the spiritual heart center that it prefers to occupy. Distortions such as negative stories can subvert intention and divert the assembly from the way of love, resulting in a diminished energy flow. Our mind fields have a heart center where energy streams in from the higher dimensions, but the body can become misaligned due to various stresses. A misaligned assemblage point is often the result of trying to be something other than what the soul naturally desires, which is to be a being of love. If you feel diminished vitality and frustration on a soul level, try to bring more love into your life by expressing it and receiving it from/to yourself and others. Love is food for the heart, and a healthy heart results in a healthy assemblage point.