Now you have a story, ideas I’ve given you about the nature of mind. It arises like cymatics from resonance patterns in the electromagnetic field. It makes impressions on awareness that may create memories. These memories become addresses that we can return to by shifting the assemblage point, a combination of awareness and intention. By learning to listen to our bodies, we can invent a language to communicate with our subtle senses in order to detect and direct mind field energy. We can use those senses to receive impressions from other mind fields and develop new language that, in turn, enables us to communicate with others on a higher plane.

By spending time navigating the higher planes, we gain a sense of the dimensions of infinite mind and teach ourselves how to explore further and further. By staying grounded and sharing our discoveries with others, we learn to create our own realities and get along in others, which in turn gives us more strength to keep exploring. The insights and willpower we gain from this will help us to heal our past and iron out our flaws, overcoming darkness in order to evolve.

Keep Reinforcing Your Mind Field!

Most of our negative behaviors stem from a weakened and confused mind. We all go through phases where we feel so tired and empty that we crave things to fill ourselves up. This is natural, but it gets out of hand when our auras are weak. To maintain good mental health, focus periodically upon strengthening your local mind field. Whenever you feel negative thoughts come over you, don’t bury them and don’t give in to them, but instead push them out to arm’s length, a safe distance from which you can see them clearly. Address them, heal them, and release them.

Whenever you feel tired and depleted, don’t give in to despair and weakness, but instead give yourself time to rest and recharge. Use the power of your breath and visualization to reinforce a safe space around you. With your mind strengthened like this, you’ll be able to empathize more with the brutal reality of our world without becoming overwhelmed by it. Remember, every person influences the world with their thoughts, and when enough of us learn to use our thoughts for good, the world will begin to become a paradise again.

Blessings on your travels,