Exercise: Move Your Assemblage Point

  • Take a moment to sense where your focus is oriented. Do you feel a lot of energy in your head? Legs? Hands? Do you feel grounded, like you’re “in your body”, or do you feel light and airy, like you’re floating off in space?
  • Take a moment to gauge your emotions. Do you feel peaceful or a little anxious, like there’s something you need to do? Are you feeling highly stimulated or somewhat drowsy?
  • Lastly, ask yourself where your heart is. Do you feel a sense of well-being and belonging in this location, or are you halfway off to somewhere else?
  • Now, rub your hands together vigorously for ten seconds.
  • Smack yourself gently but firmly three times on your mid-sternum, directly above the heart chakra.
  • Take a moment to check in again, and sense what, if any, changes have occurred in your energy body. Do you feel slightly less grounded, perhaps with a disquieted or uneasy sensation? Applying energy to the front of the assemblage point can cause it to shift backward and tilt downward, which brings your energy down with it.
  • Now rub your hands together again and pat yourself firmly on the back, directly between the shoulder blades. Do so six times, three with each hand. Even better, have a neighbor do it so they can get a good angle for you.
  • Check in again, and see if you don’t notice an immediate shift in your presence. Applying energy to the back is considered to shift the assemblage point forward and tilted up, raising joy and elation.
  • To finish, hop up and down and shake your body a bit. This helps to reset the assemblage point and shake away any funky feelings you built up.

Assemblage Point