Exercise: Sense the Local Aura

  • Lay back and relax. Close your eyes and breathe for a moment, allowing your body to ground and become more present.
  • Now, without opening your eyes, raise your hands towards each other and hold them about a foot apart. Focus on the sensations of your hands. Try to feel each finger clearly, the nails, the muscles, and particularly the skin.
  • Bring your focus to your hands, as if you’re getting ready to move them but holding back just shy of motion. This brings extra electromagnetic energy and subtle energy from the nervous system and ambient environment into the hands, which increases the amplitude (or power) of the field surrounding them.
  • Now imagine you move your dominate hand to touch the other, palm to palm, without actually moving either hand. Reach through your dominate hand to make contact with the subordinate hand’s field, which should be tucked close to the skin due to our visualization. Now you may feel something, a presence or warmth or tingling. Sensations are likely to be stronger in the hand that’s not moving, due to the fact that it’s easier to sense field disturbances/interactions that are close to the skin. Your projecting hand may feel something as well, but because it’s sensing from a greater distance, there will be more “noise” in the signal.
  • Maintaining your current focus, slightly wave your dominate hand back and forth, moving its field to press harder or more lightly against your other hand’s field. You ought to really feel something now, perhaps pressure synced up with your movements. Experiment with moving either hand back and forth and you can almost feel the pressure increase and decrease between them.
  • If you think this sensation is being perceived as a trick of the mind, then try doing this with a partner, each of you using one hand only. With your eyes closed, there is no way for gross sensations to trick you, yet you will still feel the waves of energy emanating from each other. The hands are the most sensitive and powerful channels into and out of the body.
  • If you still don’t feel anything, try to expand your threshold of perception by lowering your standards of expectation. You’re not necessarily looking for a physical sensation, because that’s just one way the brain can process the mind field information. Instead look for any other perceptions you’re having that are synced up with the movements. Do you feel waves of lightness? Hear any buzzing sounds? See any lights with your eyes closed? Everyone perceives subtle energy differently. Developing your senses is a lifelong process, but sensing your own aura is the first and simplest step. Remember that you’re creating a language with your body, learning to understand its information in a way that works for you both. The data won’t always be in a form you’re expecting.