Exercise: Breathing the Field

Part A: Closing the Field

  • Beginning in a calm, grounded state, bring your focus to the surface of your skin. Start with the skin on your hands, then expand your awareness to include all the skin all over your body. Try to feel it all at once, to get a gestalt or summary impression of its sensation.
  • Increase your focus by imagining tiny vibrations in your skin, like a shiver that’s too fast and too faint to perceive. Increase these vibrations until you feel a slight buzzing, humming, or warming sensation.
  • Using your breath, push these vibrations out into your aura, like you’re inflating a balloon. Fill the space around you until you find the natural “edge” of your field, where the energy resists expanding beyond. For most people this is one-half to three arm-lengths away. Don’t let your mind touch anything outside this radius.
  • With a few more breaths, increase the pressure in your aura. Visualize a hard shell forming around the boundary. Tell the energy you generated to protect you. If it helps, say out loud, “Only love may enter my sacred space.”
  • Set an intention for the duration of this shield. Three minute should do the trick.
  • It may help seal the energy to visualize two counter-rotating tetrahedrons, also known as the merkaba. This is symbolic of the enfolding of up and down into experience. 7. Enjoy a little mental space.

Merkaba Meditation

Part B: Kettling the Field

  • Imagine putting on very warm clothes and wrapping yourself in a down blanket. The insulation traps the energy you generate, keeping it near to your body.
  • With the closed container from the previous step in place, you’ll begin to grow warmer and more stifled over time. Visualize this heat building up like water boiling in a tea kettle.
  • Imagine the sensation of filling your lungs as full as you can. You can hold your breath for little stints, but only for short moments - you need to keep using your breathing to pump energy into your kettle. Continue to imagine the sensation of fullness, and extend that sensation out into your aura.
  • Grab the outer edges of your aura and slowly bring it closer to your body. Maintain the cohesion of the shell and don’t let it burst yet.
  • Consider how your assemblage point reacts to this state. While useful in small doses, too much can quickly lead to stagnation and rot. When injured or sick, closing the field and increasing its pressure can stimulate the body’s natural healing response. Injured fields often leak energy, so focusing on closing and warming can help counteract the energy loss.

Part C: Opening the Field

  • Considering that this step releases a lot of energy at once, first take a moment, once again, to center yourself. Bless the energy you’ve gathered and see what you’re about to do as a form of releasing good vibes out into the world. Say something along the lines of, “This is a gift of love to the world.”
  • Take deep breath. Hold it. Prepare to dissolve your shell and simultaneously expel all your energy out of your body in every direction. Don’t just let it escape through your hands and chakras, but let it stream out of your back, your legs, your feet.
  • Exhale sharply. Expel the energy. Open the field. Let your senses travel out with the energy, spreading to the far corners of the land. See the blessings you created touching all the nature, beings, and mind fields all around you.
  • Allow your mind to gently touch everything around you. Share the gift of your love through this touch.
  • Consider how your assemblage point feels in this state. After the tension of the previous step, it likely feels much more comfortable. Be warned, however, that too long in an open state can lead to overstimulation and ungrounded-ness.

Part D: Freezing the Field

  • Imagine taking off all your clothes and standing naked in a cold wind. Let go of all the heat around you and let it drain away into the ether, into the ground, into the air around you.
  • Calm all the sensation in your mind, in your body, in your skin. Imagine laying a hand on the shivering vibration of your field, soothing it to sleep.
  • Close your eyes. Ease your mind by sensing the electrical activity in your brain and urging it to blank stillness. Try imagining static. It’s very difficult to maintain true blankness for any period of time.
  • After you feel thoughts begin to intrude again, suss out your assemblage point and see how you feel at the end of this practice. You’ve just moved a lot of energy in a short time. What does your field require now? Close up your field a little if you feel drained. Open it further if you feel exuberant or over-stimulated.