Exercise: Creating Space

In order to draw the light closer to us we need to make some room for it. Let’s take a peak at what that will look like. We’ll do this exercise once now, at the beginning, and once again at the end, after we’ve had a chance to dive into some of the core components.

I’m going to have to speak figuratively a lot here, because English lacks the language to explain certain things with any reasonable amount of accuracy. In fact, I’m convinced that English is not designed to be specific at all, only relative. Hopefully by the end of this you’ll have a relatively clear idea that this stuff is way too complex to ever be put into words and you must discover the concepts for yourself. But I’ll try to give you a head start.

  • Lay back and relax. Use a blanket or t-shirt to block out physical stimuli, giving your body time to ground.
  • Once you feel a shift, or if you’re already feeling calm and centered, draw your attention to your corporeal body. Try to sense all your skin at once. Now move your awareness deeper, into your tissues. Try to feel every muscle, bone, and fiber simultaneously. If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your skin, then penetrate down into your body. Using your breath, bring oxygen and electrical energy into your body by imagining slightly tensing your muscles, without actually moving them. Bring your nerves to the edge of action but stop just short of movement. This will release electricity throughout your nervous system and increase your body’s magnetism, which strengthens your local mind field.
  • Once you feel that sense of strength, push the energy outward, expanding a shell of awareness that grows to be at least a foot or two away from your skin. Focus on sensing the edges of that boundary and, like inflating a giant bubble, increase the pressure within your aura until the surface becomes smooth and even.
  • If you sense holes or parts that are difficult to inflate, don’t worry about that for now. These are field disturbances that you can focus on healing later. For now, just create a bubble shield around you as best as you can.
  • Now your aura is charged with extra energy. You are creating a larger well of mental gravity that will draw other mind fields close to yours. This attracts certain thoughts and repels others. So pay attention carefully to what you feel. You may sense the other minds in the room. Try not to make noise or get their attention, but instead be still smooth, like a motionless pool of water. If you like, visualize a gentle sound of static, or rainfall. Otherwise, aim for pure silence within and without.
  • You may feel your awareness begin to shift and become more dreamlike. You may feel like you’re dozing off. This is fine, but continue to focus on charging your aura using your breath. In and out, let your energy flow from your heart, through your skin, and into the air around you. When you can do this while remaining alert, you will feel yourself naturally calm and sharpen. You may begin to remember things from your past or from other altered states. If you have a question or a wish, now is the time to repeat it to yourself once or twice.
  • Just sit and listen for an answer. You will be surprised at the information that comes to you. No matter what arises in your awareness, treat it like raw data and file it away to react to later.
  • Now open your eyes and return to the present a little bit. Identify some form of darkness that has been taking up space in your mind lately. Whether it’s judgment, self-doubt, confusion, addiction, trauma, or unmotivation, pick something you’d like to bring change to. Name this darkness, so that you can gain the traction you need to pull it into a new configuration.
  • Using your breath, push these negative thoughts away from you, to the edge of your awareness. This isn’t a long-term solution, but it does give you the breathing room you need to look at it objectively and try to make some sense of how to grow past it.
  • Press the borders of your field until your aura inflates back into its natural egg shape. Strengthen the boundary by visualizing a hard shell forming around you, one to three feet away from your skin, protecting you from the negativity you’ve ejected. Try to maintain this shell for the duration of this talk.