Exercise: Making Requests of Mind

Expand the Local Field to Invite Information from the Realm of Infinite Concept

  • Open your field and let excess energy drain away into the environment. Ground yourself by imagining your feet plunged deep into cold dirt, rooted in the earth. Allow all your thoughts and emotions to seep away until you feel calm.
  • Close your field back up by imagining a shell forming at the edges of your aura. You can seal it by saying, “Only love may enter this sacred space.”
  • Now choose a question or a wish that’s been on your mind. Name it to yourself with a word or symbol that’s short, sweet, and carries meaning to you. Visualize that symbol floating in front of you.
  • Now take a deep breath and, as you exhale, push energy out from your heart to the surface of your skin. Feel all your skin at once, sensing the pulse of blood feeding it, recognizing the vitality that flows through you.
  • Now take a moment to identify some source of darkness that is taking up space in your field. Anything that comes to mind, just grab hold of it for a moment. Whether it’s judgment, self-doubt, confusion, addiction, trauma, guilt unmotivation, just scoop them all up and name them, one by one. By naming the shadows, we gain the traction we need to grab, push, and pull them into a new configuration.
  • With another breath, push the energy out to an arm’s length or two away. Let it carry the darkness you hold and wash it away, out to the edges of awareness. This isn’t a long-term solution, but a temporary step to give us some breathing room.
  • Press the borders of your field until your aura inflates into its natural egg shape. Strengthen the boundary by visualizing a hard shell forming around you, one to three feet away from your skin.
  • Address the darkness with whatever name you gave it, commanding it to teach you what it can and then return to the light. Or whatever symbolism you choose to employ.
  • Draw more light from your heart and squeeze it out throughout your aura, oozing past your shell, enveloping the darkness and burning it away with the light of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. Just do the best you can and realize this is an ongoing process.
  • Take a moment to breathe and enjoy a somewhat brighter, more expanded space around you.
  • Now listen closely for a few moments, and see if your question or wish feels closer to you. Has your assemblage point moved? If you feel closer to your goal, make note of the point so that later you can find your way back more easily.
  • Listen to see if you sense any vibrations, smell any new energies, or perhaps hear an answer to your question. This is the state of receptivity where guidance arises from higher self, which often sounds like gentle suggestions of things to avoid. The higher self rarely commands, but it will often warn. That is the act of conscience. Write down anything that comes to you.