Mind Field Interactions

The Unique Enfolding of Polarity Differentiates Mind Fields

If the world of down is infinitely diverse and the world of up is infinitely unified, then how do the two ever meet? We humans clearly have mental experiences that differ from one another, yet are similar in many fundamental ways. This is because mind is not localized, but infinite in concept. The spectrum of consciousness spans the two dimensions of up and down. Human souls seem to be right in the middle of the spectrum - or at least it appears that way to us due to the fact that we are always in the very center of wherever we are looking. Life force seems to be the bridge that connects points along these two poles, moving energy up and down the spectrum. Consciousness is the signal and we living creatures, as stewards of it, are privileged to be the channel. We live with one foot in material reality and one foot in infinite spirit.

Each soul is a ship swimming through two vast fields of energy simultaneously. As the assemblage point moves it folds the two forces together seamlessly to create a manifestation of pure experience. This enfolding forms a sort of gravity well within the mind field that attracts thoughts together and maintains the integrity of the field. The strength of the folding can then attract or repel thought waves from other fields depending upon how they resonate.

The thing that most differentiates one mind from another is the manner in which it folds reality together to unify the realms of up and down. In other words, the thing that makes you you is how you perceive the world, which is related to your assemblage point, and what you believe about the information you’ve integrated, which is related to your intentions. These two components form the core of how you manifest your reality. Assemblage point is like your current location, but intention is like your momentum, the way you steer your ship. What makes you you is your unique position and movement through the multiverse.

The mind fields of two people who are moving together will resonate and fortify each other, unifying to form a more stable system. When you spend time with people you love who affect you in this way, your assemblage points will begin to fold reality in more or less the same manner. As this progresses your minds come closer and closer together until they begin to perceive and intend the same way. You literally begin to merge into one mind field. It is as if the two minds are joined, but actually they’re just so close together that they are mirroring each other perfectly. This is a functional form of telepathy, but it’s less transmitting/receiving than it is a mutual channeling of the same ambient mind experience. This magnetic bond can be broken with time and space, but the location of closeness, once known, can always be found again.

When two people hold opposing views and vibrations then they move far away from each other in the mind field. The field transaction between them becomes disturbing and disharmonizing. This can be experienced as confusion, disgust, enervation, or even hatred. Political polarization is a form of dissonance taken to the collective level. Released from the gravity of shared values, the minds of our people are moving rapidly away from each other on the mental plane, fracturing our shared reality.

Conflicts Between Mind Fields

Now for the hard talk. One way to find peace with an opposed person is to reduce your intention and allow theirs to take over. Stop folding your reality and simply allow yourself to exist within theirs. You relax control in order to join the other person within their dream. You talk to them on their terms, you play their game by their rules without pushing things too hard. It sounds bad, but it’s what we do all the time in order to coexist within society. It’s called compromise, and it’s an art form to do it well without forgetting your core beliefs and values. Compromise is a useful tool and absolutely critical in times of emergency when groups need to work together. But over the long run, it’s not so great for the health of the soul.

Relaxing control of your reality only inhibits your spiritual evolution. Unfortunately, we feel pressured to do so by many closed-minded people who are guilty of what I call the “alpha dog complex”. Most people become intensely uncomfortable when faced with those who radiate a powerful mind field enfoldment that they don’t understand. Instinctive fear of the unknown motivates some to attack these realities that don’t fit into their paradigm. In childhood it looks like bullying and teasing. As teens it becomes cliques and peer pressure. Adults will find subtle means to express their displeasure, often manifesting as emotional manipulation or abuse. In religion it looks like orthodoxy and blasphemy: “Only those who accept our One True Path are saved, while all others are damned.” These basic forms of paradigm conflict exist even within in our economics, where neoliberal capitalism requires centralized currency, advertising, global markets, limitations of political power, and free trade (meaning countries can’t set their own boundaries). States that try to maintain their sovereignty and their own way of doing things are subverted by the wealth and power flowing from neighboring countries that are working together in the same paradigm. Our global economic machine is incredibly productive, but its cost is heavy.

One of the major things that I believe is wrong with the world - one of the reasons we feel a lack of something spiritual - is that too many people are trying to colonize the mind spaces of others, dividing the world up into systems of us and them, of beliefs that don’t play nicely with each other. We tell ourselves we do this for a multitude of reasons - for comfort, security, freedom - but ultimately it is done for power. The power to control your environment instead adapting and accepting it as it is. This is necessary for survival but in our ignorance we do it too much, on an individual scale and as a collective. As a result, our factions grow larger with every generation, gobbling up smaller cultures that don’t have the means to maintain their core integrity. Our minds are unifying all across the globe, but losing our individuality. We have access to more information and entertainment than ever before. But the cost to us is paid by our wild souls, our peace of mind, and our heart’s unique expression. If we could only find a way to live without trying to control the beliefs of others, we might create enough space in the mind field for more authentic spirituality to arise.

The ideal situation would be one in which our minds remain connected through a set of core agreements that unify some aspects of our reality, but still make enough room for us to create our own beliefs and values - to find our own unique assemblage points. When we practice acceptance and nonjudgment we free each other’s mind fields to be as they are, without forcing them to come into harmony. Yes, we technically have all had this freedom all along, but we come to it through a long and bitter struggle, opposed every step of the way by those who want to use our conformity to extract profit or to feel more comfortable within their lives. Ultimately, it’s not enough to practice acceptance and nonjudgment. We must also practice radical fearlessness in order to remain connected to each other. We can’t let ourselves be intimidated by those who live in worlds we don’t understand. Otherwise we’ll continue to fly apart and lose contact with each other, with the gifts and stimulation we have to offer each other.

(Do these topics trigger a reaction in you? Check in and see if you can feel a different energy polarity within you. If your assemblage point has moved from detached interest to somewhere else, where is it now? )

As in all things, there’s a balance to be sought. We maintain the sovereignty of our own fields but try to remain open enough to interact with others. The best way seek this middle ground is to practice. When we feel too closed off and under-stimulated, we open the field and draw new energies in. When we feel anxious and over-stimulated, we close the field and give ourselves time to adjust. I call this “breathing the field”.